Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell 2017 Price, Specs and Features

Almost every year, Honda Ridgeline launched their series. Unfortunately, their design doesn’t change quite a lot so for some people, this sounds a little bit boring. But well, lets’ skip this part and see the Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell price and specs for 2017.

Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell Price


Just like the new series from 2019, it has very nice handling and rides. The independent rear makes it possible. The unique tailgate and lockable in-bed truck add more value as well as its sophisticated all-wheel-drive.


However, there are some uncomfortable features such as navigation interface and touchscreen audio, lacks the underbody clearing and low-range gearing and also its tow rating that drops to 3,500 pounds.

The most amazing thing from this Honda Ridgeline 2017 is its driving performance that brings torque-vectoring AWD system and also independent suspension which make the stability possible to all surfaces. The car is very family friendly even though in terms of design, this is very aging and doesn’t look quite different than the predecessors.

It is a friendly car for both driver and passengers as well which ease everyone to climb up easily. Besides, the cab is very roomy. It is very easy too to see out.

it is a solid cargo hauler with the short bed of the crew cab is longer. This has a lockable in-bed trunk as well as the two ways tailgate. The towing leader is 5,000 pounds.

Furthermore, the 2017 series are already completed with the technology 4.0 with Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay. However, the 8-inch touchscreen has poor user-interface which sometimes can be quiet annoying. After all, it is a nice car. You can drive safely with very good features. If you want to own this car, the price range is around $30,646-$35,800. It is worthy enough to have with such a good review from many users around the world.

The next coming article is the next Honda Ridgeline Camper Shell 2019.


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